This pin is similar to the first pin, it has those fine white lines that show the proportion of the bird. I like how it shows the original image and then it transforms into a pixelated bird. Low poly, looks like a fun or frustrating exercise to do.


GOOD (Blog - By Jessie Kay)

A beautifully-designed, interactive infographic about water usage. - great way for product students to communicate information in the research phase of a project.

彼女の存在、その破片: Her presence and debris: illustration by Tamae Mizukami

It's in black and white yet it pulled my attention right away from the rest. Very fine details, it exudes quiet beauty.

I like this design and the shape that the picture formed. It leads the eye in the right direction. I love the lines through the picture as well, it adds a lot rather than just having a picture behind the shape.

med gra micro b-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How about something like this, using an image of the Law school in the shape, and making the shape of the letter "J" for Judicial.


ポスターデザインをもっと良くする!モックアップPSD素材まとめ + 使い方チュートリアル

Do you have a unconventional night club, bar or restaurant? Well, the same old design rules of every night club posters doesn't apply to you. You will need something special, something that define a new category of unconventional poster design, you w.

建築がすごい世界の美術館 / PIE International + PIE BOOKS  建築写真 反射 シャープなフォント 文字をたたせるデザイン


建築がすごい世界の美術館 / PIE International + PIE BOOKS 建築写真 反射 シャープなフォント 文字をたたせるデザイン



Create clever compositions by letting the image determine type placement. 50 Beautifully Illustrated Graphics With Tips To Make You A Better Designer – Design School

Festival de Málaga por calamargraphic

Festival de Málaga a project by calamargraphic. Domestika is the biggest and most influential Spanish-speaking community for creative professionals.