Hanger for necklaces.

14 Easy Tips On How To Organize Your Jewelry

DIY Necklace Organizer (Hanger)~ Never know where to hang your necklaces so they don't get all tangled up?

Crochet Purse Handle Tutorial

Crochet purse handle Not in English, but great picture tutorial-would be super easy to figure out. Roberta Crochê e Cia: Passo-a-passo Alças de Crochê para bolsas

DIY Barbie Couch

My mom used to help us make our own Barbie furniture when my sis and I were younger. I love that it got us to be creative. Scrap fabric and facial tissue boxes made into Barbie Doll Furniture.

Crochet Bag

trouvé sur le net après avoir fait le mien, très joli version, bravo à…

beaded miniature purses - diagrams

beaded miniature purses - diagrams ¡ hay que tener mucha paciencia ¡

Mini Crochet Purses

Mini Crochet Purses - cute idea but link doesn't work please post if you know the correct link

Attic 24 autumn wreath lovelies

this is my Autumn Wreath "deconstructed". The wreath consists of 83 individual crochet pieces, a beautiful labour of.

見せたくないもの隠したい?簡単アイディアご紹介! | RoomClip mag | 暮らしとインテリアのwebマガジン


見せたくないもの隠したい?簡単アイディアご紹介! | RoomClip mag | 暮らしとインテリアのwebマガジン