New 'Kimono Hime' style of wearing kimono

Not only do modern kimono warriors shun white undercollars & sox, they sometimes even layer on frilly Western pieces to add a little spice.

Bunka Fashion Graduate University_Hyungun Park

Really love the movement of this, the neckline, the waist, fabric, everything - Bunka Fashion Graduate University_Hyungun Park

京都 モダンアンテナ工房日記-ボーダーに薔薇

As you can see; I love kimono! Especially vintage/retro style. I love modern/harajuku style, too, but Taisho roman rules my heart, lol. I'm always looking to make some great kimono loving friends!


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Dries Van Noten Diffi (Ecru/Black)

*I love the artistic idea; the way it's like you are viewing the flowers through a's very attracting to my eye. but still a homely dress.

Rosetta Getty Resort 2016 - Preorder now on Moda Operandi

Love that this is hooded - makes all the difference in its shape. EASY DIY from scratch. Sailor Stripe Interlock Hooded Poncho by Rosetta Getty for Preorder on Moda Operandi