Beautiful Japanese Style

Please come visit beautiful Japan. A country of longest history. Here's some of the new & old Japan.
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Japanese dish, Yakitori

Japanese dish, Yakitori (grilled chicken on a stick). It's delicious, my family and I ate a lot of yakitori when I was in Japan.

Tokyo, Japan :photo by Masashi Wakui

Vibrant Photographs of Tokyo at Night by Masashi Wakui

A selection of the beautiful nighttime photographs of Masashi Wakui, a Japanese photographer who captures the lights of Tokyo with great skill and finesse.

Corridor of Shorenin temple, Kyoto, Japan

Facing the road, the tall double-height window at the end of this narrow home is artfully draped by a curtain.

Japanese guardian lion statue, Koma-inu 狛犬

thekimonogallery: “At Kuya-no-Taki Falls near Kiyotaki in Western Kyoto, Japan. wiki: Shugendō is a highly “syncretic” (blending of two or more religious belief systems into a new system) religion.