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Real anime

Collection by Ajanni Patrick

Ajanni Patrick
  Real Anime, Digital Art Girl, Scenery Wallpaper, Cybergoth, Anime Life, Train Rides, 3d Animation, Cute Icons, Little Sisters

Virtual YouTuber Train Ride - Hoshii Mayuki

“乗客が少ない時間ではあったのだけど、なぜか自分が乗った車両だけ誰も乗っていなかったので素材用にパシャパシャしておいた📸🙂 #欲しいまゆき”

  Vocaloid, Hologram Projection, Anime Wallpaper Live, Make Happy, Cartoon Art Styles, Cybergoth, Creepy Cute, Pretty Art, Anime Art Girl

Luka and IA ℹ️

“2月は上野駅の案内IAさん見たり、2回目の旧ニコニコ本社のカフェ行ったり♪ルカさん軍団からチョコもらったり。悠雨さん主催の巡ル音 For the 10th Anniversaryに行ったり♪ 巡ル音の方は見渡す限りルカさんである意味不思議な感覚☺️ #みくちゃ #Mikuture”

💦 anime girl at 🦑 Emo Princess, Real Anime, Creepy Cute, The Real World, Augmented Reality, Comfort Zone, Kawaii Anime, Sailor, Waterfall

🦑 waterfall 💦

“今日は写真撮るドライブに出かけてきたからるぅ子さんも撮ってきたよ まずは滝壺 リプ欄に続けます #がんばるぅ子 #Holomodels”

  Virtual Girl, Real Anime, The Real World, Cyber, Grass, Touch, Random, Wallpaper, Friends


“#Vismuth あいかみんぐ鎌倉!!”

k-on anime escuelamusical Lolis Anime, Real Anime, Anime Fairy, Anime Songs, Anime Music, Kawaii Anime Girl, Anime Art Girl, Anime Girls, Kawaii Art

What's Your Fairy Tail Life Like 2 . 0!!! (FOR GIRLS)

This version is new and improved, so I hope you like it! I do not own Fairy Tail or these pictures. Hiro Mashima owns Fairy Tail, but I have no idea who owns these pictures. XD

  Blonde Anime Girl, Anime Girl Neko, Otaku Anime, Anime Art Girl, Manga Anime, Digital Art Anime, Real Anime, Animes Yandere, Vida Real


Если бы 2d персонажи жили в нашем мире.

  Best Anime List, Manga Art, Anime Art, Real Anime, Feeling Lonely, Seven Deadly Sins, 2d Art, Art Background, Aesthetic Wallpapers


Эскапизм - уход от реальности в инореальность, инобытие, бегство от действительности.

  Otaku Anime, Anime Naruto, Anime In, Real Anime, Naruto Funny, Naruto Art, Naruto Shippuden Anime, Haikyuu Anime, Boruto

Аниме Amino Amino

Лучшее сообщество для русскоговорящих фанатов аниме! Присоединяйся к нам!

  Anime Art Girl, Anime Girls, Gangsta Anime, League Of Legends Characters, Real Anime, Best Icons, Manga Love, Animes Wallpapers, Matching Icons


Эскапизм - уход от реальности в инореальность, инобытие, бегство от действительности.