1922 Fiske Reading Machine

Before Kindle and eBooks.“The Fiske Reading Machine will make books obsolete!” The photo shows the Fiske Reading Machine in the hand of its inventor, Rear Admiral Bradley Fiske

1890 - Holloway Reading Stand

Holloway Reading Stand and Dictionary Holder Combining a dictionary stand, book rest and lamp stand

1588 Bookwheel - Agostino Ramelli

From The Various and Ingenious Machines of Captain Agostino Ramelli - A century Kindle! (Le diverse et artificiose machine del Capitano Agostino Ramelli, via Wikimedia Commons)


愛書家日誌 on

The first vending machine! Photo of an actual Little Blue Book vending machine, operated by 'Automatic Libraries', a division of O. Jennings & Company of Chicago, IL.



1930 Readies

Writer Iain Sinclair has collaborated on an AR project that re-envisions the work of a poet

1935 microfilm book reader

The Microfilm Book Reader, 1935 Here’s an illustration from Everyday Science and Mechanics published in April, that predicted books would be stored on microfilm. The stand was therefore designed to hold a screen which displayed photographs of book pages.