(Be her. His name is Levi.) I sigh and sit on a giant rock in the park. It's late at night so it's only me out. We'll there's also the few nocturnal animals, but I'm about the only human out. I look to my left as I hear you step on a twig. I watch you carefully with my stormy grey eyes.

gut glaub mir Sie denkt an dich genau wie die Kinder

Touken Ranbu 刀剣乱舞 ♡

What anime is this?


You aren't really a shy person but get nervous in uncomfortable situations, you meet a friend at your new school and some interesting boys to.

「刀剣乱舞ログ03」/「nair夏コミ-西と07a」の漫画 [pixiv]

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メディアツイート: IMANA(@IMANA107)さん | Twitter

Taroutachi y Kuroh Yatogami son muy parecidos.

【刀剣乱舞】黒豹と光忠【とある審神者】 : とうらぶ速報~刀剣乱舞まとめブログ~

I'm literally just putting this on here because there is a black panther and i love panthers. I need to watch this anime. Pretty panther + Pretty guy = me wanna watch. Ps, its from Touken Ranbu

一期一振 刀剣乱舞 #掛け軸x刀剣男士企画

Mascline Girl posing as a man, Oriental Possible Character

一期一振 刀剣乱舞 #掛け軸x刀剣男士企画

Mascline Girl posing as a man, Oriental Possible Character

Mikazuki Munechika - Touken Ranbu

Mikazuki Munechika - Touken Ranbu


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I often fall for anime males with long black hair: Itachi, Hijikata, Katsura, Hajime Saito, etc


Pixiv Id Touken Ranbu, Ookurikara, Flower Background, Alternate Color - *dies of hotness*


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I do love you touken ranbu. Like 2 years now.


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