Temple of 1000 Buddhas (sanjusangendo) in Kyoto, Japan

Japan in Pictures: KYOTO


I think a Geisha is one of the most beautiful things in the world. I wish I could go to Japan for the cherry blossoms and Geisha.too bad I hate Japanese food.

Kiya-machi street, Kyoto, Japan 木屋町通 京都

Kiyamachi, Kyoto& biggest nightlife strip, is a one kilometre stretch running parallel to the central Kamo River between two main boulevards, Sanjō and Shijō.

Japanese Ancient 12 Layers Kimono

Japanese ancient 12 layers kimono, Juni-hitoe 十二単 this somehow reminds me of the traditional Korean manner of court lady dressing


Portrait of a Hangyoku, apprentice geisha, circa. In Tokyo, apprentice geisha is called Hangyoku, whereas in Kyoto they are called Maiko.


Ruriko-in Temple, Kyoto, Japan by Hisanori 東京カメラ部 Popular:Hisanori Manabe