21 Pictures Of Cats On Glass

Ha, this is what the underneath view of a cat looks like. This makes me laugh. I kinda wanna force my cats to lay on a glass table.


Funny pictures about Pareidolia: things with faces. Oh, and cool pics about Pareidolia: things with faces. Also, Pareidolia: things with faces.

Awesome, just awesome.

This student deserves a medal…

Funny pictures about This student deserves a medal. Oh, and cool pics about This student deserves a medal. Also, This student deserves a medal.


These pics show that it's hard to handle kids when they are with you at shopping mall. These kids completely broken the shopping. Check 25 meanwhile kids at shopping mall pictures that will make you lol.

I'm still laughing!!

girl freaked out look face parakeet landed lands on girls head, There isn't a more accurate picture that describes my life.


When selfies don’t go as expected…

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"Floor": By Do Ho-Suh. #art #installation //Manbo

Do Ho Suh News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip

"We stand on the shoulders of millions" said Barack Obama to Ruby Bridges (the little Black girl in the Rockwell painting). This reminds me of that statement. Toy Floor by Do-Ho-Suh at the Indianapolis Art Museum

Japanese People Are Brilliant At All Times

Japanese People Are Brilliant At All Times

they must have Taco Bells in Japan cuz that chick was in there for a very long time. ~ so creepy ~

Found this on FB, thought it deserved better

i would totally marry a guy named andy and for my wedding shoes i would wear cowgirl boots. then i would belong to andy :).its a cute idea even if you dont have a guy named andy.




Intimidation case [Put depilatory into the hair grower]


Found this inside a bag of potatoes purchased at the store. Looks like a face eyes, a nose & a frowny mouth. It eventually sprouted 'teeth' inside the mouth.


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