SCDA - Angullia Park:

SCDA is a multi-disciplinary architectural practice led by Principal Soo K. Our work strives for tranquility and calmness, qualified by space, light and structural order.

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COSCO RuiFu is a Beijing house that embodies modern taste and traditional spirits. Design carries out its functional use and helps to .


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hanok interior:

Experimenting with wood -- Unique window patterns outlined by wood, matched perfectly with white and the paper-like surface of the closet.

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Korea Style reveals the intrinsic elements of Korean design; simplicity, moderation, constraint, and a deep respect for all things natural. Despite the filtering of Japanese and Western… read more at Kobo.

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This is a plan to link two public buildings with a bridge-typed facility, which had been long separated by the road in between. The museum technically bridge...

Image 1 of 11 from gallery of Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum / Kengo Kuma & Associates. Photograph by Takumi Ota Photography

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Black Secto 4240 pendants at Korean Restaurant Kimchee, London, UK. Photo by: Yu-Kuang Chou www.