Japanese food / bento

Japanese food / bento: rice is not really paleo, but it can be substituted with some vegetables, nuts, or sunflower seeds.

弁当 Bento

Traditional bento featuring mushroom Hamburg steak, gratin, wiener flower, and hard-boiled eggs.

Japanese box lunch, Bento

Plum onigiri, green pepper omelette, sesame beef with peppers and mushroom, enoki mushrooms and carrots, sausages and cheese. The pretty pink plum onigiri would be good for a lot of holidays.

・煮豚 煮卵 ・ピリ辛たたききゅうり ・卵焼き(鶏そぼろ入り) ・エビのバジルソースソテー ・大根と人参の煮物 ・さつま芋の甘煮

Hard boiled egg, steak, shrimp, zucchini, snap peas and rice adult bento

Japanese box lunch, Bento 弁当

Ginger pork Omelet with crab in the middle The sesame, mayo, and tomato Brussels sprouts Sakura, pickled.

Japanese Bento of Inarizushi, Sushi-Rice Stuffed in Fried Tofu Pouches|カラフルいなり寿司弁当 by ivory_bell

Lunch Photo: Japanese Sushi-Rice Stuffed in Fried Tofu Pouches - Inarizushi Bento いなり寿司弁当


Temari sushi (hand balls) with some chicken, cauliflower, and a radish cut into a lantern shape.

・竹の子ご飯 ・しし唐の味噌チーズ肉巻きフライ ・三つ葉ともやしのシラス和え ・ウインナーソテー ・プチトマト

・竹の子ご飯 ・しし唐の味噌チーズ肉巻きフライ ・三つ葉ともやしのシラス和え ・ウインナーソテー ・プチトマト