Street Style from Paris -

Street Style from Paris

Esteban Gomez wears a Comme des Garçons jacket and scarf, Yves Saint Laurent pants, Church’s shoes, Army Navy hat and Oliver Peoples sunglasses.

Paul Harnden:Paul Harnden (ポールハーンデン) コート/買取実績/ナチュラル系ブランド宅配買取専門店ドロップ[drop]

Paul Harnden///// I love Paul Harnden garments.such unspoken authority in a masterfully presented subtle manner. This is a true amazing garment, not out to please or seduce, but designed for the quiet warrior who walks without noise.

WHO Men Vassili Di Napoli WHAT A1923 Paul Harnden WHERE Italy Florence Santa Maria Novella WHEN Fall/Winter 2013/2014

Vassili Di Napoli wears a Paul Harnden jacket, shirt, coveralls and hat with an bag and shoes.


Paul Harnden Fruit Print Shirt 100% Authentic, MADE IN SCOTLAND

Paul Harnden Photo Shoot

Paul Harnden clothing designs and photographs evoke a somewhat romantic and nostalgic idea of agricultural labor.