Kenneth Crane

Kenneth Crane is a stellar illustrator who collaborates with Anderson Design Group. A true artist in every sense, he knows the finer points of working with…
97 Pins
a mountain scene with a waterfall and bridge in the foreground, surrounded by pine trees
Mount Rainier: Myrtle Falls
a mountain scene with a deer in the foreground
Guadalupe Mountains National Park: Deer In The Shadows
the longs peak elk is shown in front of mountains
Rocky Mountain National Park: Lone Elk
the chicago skyline is lit up in blue and yellow, with a fountain at night
Chicago, IL: Fountain Of Light
an image of a cityscape with the words new york in gold and black
New York City: Eagle's View
an image of a beach scene with palm trees and a lifeguard tower in the background
Miami, FL: Lifeguard Tower
the washington monument in washington, dc is lit up at night with trees and buildings around it
Washington DC: Reflections Of Freedom
New Orleans: Sunset River Cruise | New Orleans, Country, Places, New Orleans Travel
Anderson Design Group
New Orleans: Sunset River Cruise |
an image of a man riding on the back of a bull in front of mountains
Anderson Design Group
Monument Valley: Spirit Quest |
the san francisco bridge is shown in this vintage style poster, with waves crashing on the shore
Anderson Design Group
San Francisco, CA: Golden Gate-Water
a poster with the words bryce canyon national park on it's side
Anderson Design Group
Bryce Canyon National Park: Hoodoo Valley |
the redwood national park poster is shown
Anderson Design Group
Redwood National Park: Dancing Shadows |
a moose is standing in the water near some rocks and trees, with mountains in the background
Anderson Design Group
Grand Teton National Park: Meandering Moose |