This is a new way to display a advertisement. It is a very creative way to display a McDonald's ad. The ad is in the shape of French fries that serves as a crosswalk. It is a multi function ad.


These are the 80 best guerilla marketing examples / ideas I have ever seen. If you are looking for Gorilla, Guerilla, Guerrilla Marketing Examples, you found it


Funny 'n Creative Examples Of Clever Advertising & Marketing Campaigns - Altschul Orthodontics Gives You A Straight Smile

Meister Proper

A small collection of some of my favorite clever street marketing ideas. Great creative inspiration for your own ideas!


South Africa Tourism: Zebra “It’s closer than you think.” Ambient idea for South Africa Tourism. Zebra Crossing signs around traffic lights in Mumbai were painted to look like the stripes of a real zebra.

Pink Ribbon : Highway

Love this from Brandenburg and The Icelandic Cancer Society The Pink Ribbon Highway — Iceland 2013

China Environmental Protection Foundation  : Chopstick Tree

Chopstick Tree Sculpture by the China Environmental Protection Foundation was created out of used disposable chopsticks.

durex with knobs

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“How many more lives will cost Please call to report manhole cover theft so we can put an end to this.