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25 Fantastic Package Designs | From up North

Packaging Inspiration

Chocolate Coated Biscuits Designed by Together Design

The Dieline Awards 2016: Fortnum & Mason - Chocolate Coated Biscuits- Together Design

AJS: this packaging is just so lively. I think we should hang onto the idea for down the road. The Dieline Awards Fortnum & Mason - Chocolate Coated Biscuits- Together…

Strawberry Delight Frappuccino | Starbucks Coffee Japan

[新商品情報] さくら ストロベリー ピンク ミルク ラテ|スターバックス コーヒー ジャパン

As a food advert it has a clean dramatic feel. I like the use of the ingredients round the outside. I also like how the drink looks really good and is almost glistening.

if you want to bring out the colour of your eyes, use the opposite colour on the colour wheel! A lot of technicality goes into actually making your eyes pop.

The Parallel Universes Resolution, 5 tips for pattern mixing success - advanced color wheel (Mix Colors Colour Wheel)