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the ground plan for an outdoor play area
Diseño de casa orgánica rústica con planos
an aerial view of the ground plan, with circles and trees in the center on each side
Sedhiou Cultural Center KAIRA LOORO INT. COMPETITION on Behance
a diagram showing the workings and parts of an electronic device, with arrows pointing in different directions
Idea 3149926: Wunderpark International School and Community center by ARCHSTRUKTURA in Russia
an image of a group of objects in the shape of a flower
Archive of Affinities
Bertrand Goldberg, Proposal for American Broadcasting Company Building, New York, New York, 1969
an aerial view of the house and its surroundings
zean macfarlane
an architectural diagram showing the various areas in which people can see what they are doing
Account Suspended
the floor plan for an apartment building with lots of different shapes and sizes, all in black and white
Addressing issues that affect the urban context