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three different views of an architectural structure, one showing the top and bottom part of a building
✅ Bruder Klaus Field Chapel - Data, Photos & Plans - WikiArquitectura
a drawing of a person standing in front of a building with some drawings on it
Gallery of The Two Rock House / Wolf Architects - 11
the diagram shows how to draw different sections in order to make it look like they are going
- Khoa Vu | Duality | Incomparable Plan | Harvard...
an aerial view of a baseball field and the ground plan for this project is drawn in black ink
UVA El Paraiso / EDU - Empresa de Desarrollo Urbano de Medellín
three drawings of different types of architecture
- ARCHDEKK Khoa Vu - Double Negative Concept
some drawings are shown in black and white
- Khoa Vu - Double negative space