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Shodo #shodo #calligraphy #ChineseCalligraphy #Brushpainting #ChineseArt #JapaneseArt

calligraphy "春一番-Haruichiban-", The first strong south winds of the year (signaling the beginning of spring)

HANA 「華」 (flower) shodo, Japanese calligraphy

HANA 「華」 (flower) shodo, Japanese calligraphy. looks how my daughter use to write in kindergarten. Who knew she could write in calligraphy.

Get some sleep, ideas will rush in

WHY: So simple and straightforward that every symbol occupies the same size module. ALSO: Fullstop so full, that it is on the same terms with other more meaningful glyphs.

"Infinite Wave Enso"-by Yuanxiang

Tattoo idea: An Enzo. A symbol of enlightenment, elegance, the universe and the void that connects everything. A symbol of the Japanese aesthetic. Done with one brush stroke it represents a creative moment of perfect imperfection.

Calligraphy "Flower" 花 by Yukio Nakagawa, Japan

i usually hate red but like it here. Calligraphy "Flower" 花 by Yukio Nakagawa, Japan

Asian calligraphy Moon 作品 > 月 | 書家 中嶋宏行

I've long been attracted to Japanese art and writing. Asian calligraphy Moon 作品 > 月

Calligraphy "Hope" 希望 by Souun TAKEDA, Japan #shodo #calligraphy #ChineseCalligraphy #Brushpainting #ChineseArt #JapaneseArt

Calligraphy "Hope" by Souun Takeda Japan

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Graphic designer / calligrapher / typographer Born in Guangzhou China in Represents awt design.

japanese typography

Each Japanese word is drawn as the image it represents, and adds interest to a normally boring subject. 「芋」potato「測」measure「雨」rain「探」search「高」high