LOGO: Super intricate, which won't be good for bag designs but that is FINE. Maybe instead of chinese fonts it could say ZCM down the side and add coffee related stuff. Sun mountains, shipping containers, beans, etc

Plus de découvertes sur Le Blog des Tendances.fr #tendance #packaging #blogueur

Graphisme au Japon : les petits sachets - Blog voyage et photo


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Chinese Windows. So gorgeous. Translation?

Chinese Windows* free paper toys at The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel, new memoir The Goddess of Mercy & The Dept of Miracles, a mystic suffering financial ruination in Hong Kong and her miracles *

Simplicity / colour pallette / clean lines

Designer: Long Gu This series reminds me of simple asian paintings, that I have seen in books and on cards. Very relaxing to look, in my opinion. Ultimate Graphics Designs is your one stop shop for all your Graphics And Video Solutions!

University Baseball League Poster 大学野球リーグ・ポスター #01 on Behance

University Baseball League Poster 大学野球リーグ・ポスター #01 on Behance

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