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Excitation-contraction coupling in a cardiac fibre

The hearts action potential. Because of the unique set up the heart can beat independently without the nervous system stimulating it to contract! your heart can still beat after being removed from your body!

left atrial fibrillation

This is the commonest fatal arrhythmia in ischemic heart disease. The myocardium of the ventricles contract asynchronously and fractionally to produce a fibrillary movement without any sustained synchronous beat.

Normal ECG

The action potentials from an atrial (green curve) and a ventricular fibre (blue curve) are show. The direction of propagating waves in the frontal plane is shown on the right, with their relation to the ECG waves.

A função das vitaminas e minerais.

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Americans are busy. Really busy. Check out the infographic below for more facts related to America's busyness epidemic (click the image for a larger version).

Business infographic & data visualisation Crazy Busy Infographic Description This design creatively displays an epidemic-like problem that American's are t