I like the way this letter turns into what looks like smoke. It adds a 3D feel to the otherwise 'flat' letter.

This poster is designed by David de la Fuente, a graphic designer from Madrid, Spain

FIAT: Girl

fiatgirlaotw 20 Mind Provoking and Creative Ads / girl and a ballon / type / poster / design / layout / black and white / grid / ad /


D&AD Awards 2013 Typography for Design Wood Pencil Winner from Kenjiro Sano Japan.


Editorial design is usually a custom made design to place the content and other graphics in a magazine. It has to be formatted and designed in such a way other

The art of negative space: 20 amazing examples | Illustration | Creative Bloq

Negative space: 18 brilliant examples

Minimalist posters drive home the dangers of texting while driving FIAT Advertising Creative Bloq

金沢点描 もっと見る

I WISH I MADE: One of my favorite art direction and I wish I did. Using water drop to create a scene is really cool. Color is soft and insipid.


TAMABI / Tama Art University Selection from Made by Hands project / link to post 2 /


Tama University of Art graduate Kenjiro Sano a. Tamabi Magazine Series: "Made by Hands" Issue: "AXIS