green package

Japanese packaging design, the picture inside the box lends a nostalgic touch to this pkg but it's the use of traditional furoshiki wrapping that sets it apart

This holiday season, Gauthier is giving all its clients a delicious package of winter nuts. "Created to look like a tree and be used like a cone, it’s our way of saying thanks and showing… We’re simply nuts about our clients.

Sel de Guerande by Jacqueline Morabito

Sel de Guerande by Jacqueline Morabito This is an idea of storing your salt, pepper, sugar in the kitchen

福寿堂秀信の「季乃實 栗」

Love Packing Branding Japanese food & drink 福寿堂秀信の「季乃實 栗」Lovely Asian inspired something to eat (I think) PD


5 Foolproof Beauty Gifts for the Minimalist in Your Life

Japanese Doburoku Sake, Rice Wine

Japanese Doburoku sake, rice wine without the last filtrering stages. Also called Nigori-zake - "dirty sake".

Cheese Packaging - Most people don't know that wrapping cheese in plastic wrap or plastic bags reduces the shelf life. Cheese needs special breathable paper so it doesn't grow the bad kind of mold. Properly wrap any fancy cheese with this special cheese packaging

50 Gifts For the Serious Cheese Addict

12 Gifts For the Cheese Addict: You probably know a few chocoholics or caffeine fiends, but what about serious cheese addicts, who just can't resist slicing into a fancy wedge of cheese anytime the opportunity arises?