Gabriela Jessica

Gabriela Jessica

Gabriela Jessica
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New Best Friend by Pigeonheart

it sucks to be gywndolin might make more short dark souls comics, name the series "Moe Souls" or something because i make everyone look too cute New Best Friend

Digestion by myoga-art  Gwyndolin NOOO my poor baby!

afloat aldrich_devourer_of_gods blood dark_souls dark_souls_iii dark_sun_gwyndolin helmet kamazuka_myouga long_hair mask solo souls_(from_software) spoilers tentacles white_hair

I drew Dark Sun Gwyndolin!

Dark Sun Gwyndolin Made a few mistakes on this one, the spikes on the crown thing should've been more cone-like in arrangement. I should've done the snakes in a way that showed the flatness of the "ground", now they're a little too floaty.

Dark Souls - Gwyndolin & Nameless King by emlan

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