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Straight razor stand

Straight razors are too beautiful to be kept in a case. They need to be on the counter standing proud next to the toothpaste. This straight razor stand was a single-evening project using scrap waln…

Peroux-Cognet “Le Talisman” - 13/16 (Original scales )

Peroux-Cognet “Le Talisman” - 13/16 (Original scales )

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Classic Straight Razor

This Straight Razor from Duluth Trading Company gives a close, precise shave and a satisfying experience compared to plastic razors.

Cuchillos cerámicos de Igual x Menos - Articulos Gratis

Igual x Menos presenta sus originales e innovadores cuchillos cerámicos. Conozca sus características e inigualables propiedades.Lo fácil que resulta conseguirlos, sus diferentes presentaciones y sus asequibles precios. Igual x Menos, líder en venta de regalos originales e innovadores, trae hasta sus hogares estos novedosos cuchillos cerámicos. Estos artículos están a la venta a un precio …

The Deadpool Custom Straight Razor #Luxury, #Performance, #Razor

The Deadpool Custom Straight Razor » Petagadget

The Straight Razor was an exercise in excess. Aluminum billet undergoes a remarkably careful machining program, designed to create a micro texture over the whole surface, providing grip in the wet. The machining takes over 3 hours per side. The finished parts are de-tabbed, hand finished and then polished in the only Magnetic Levitating Polisher …

Wacker “Stealth”- 7/8
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Wacker “Stealth”- 7/8

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Custom Straight Razors

Men's Beard Grooming Kit, Containing: Beard Balm, Beard oil, double side comb, beard comb, beard brush, styling scissors.
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Men's Beard Grooming Kit

Men's Beard Grooming Kit, Containing: Beard Balm, Beard oil, double side comb, beard comb, beard brush, styling scissors.

Ditch The Hoodie (29 Photos) - Suburban Men

Ditch The Hoodie (29 Photos) - Suburban Men

It's safe to assume that most men have a couple pairs of jeans, some T-shirts, a sweatshirt or two, and maybe a few button-down shirts in their wardrobe. If you don't have those, you're either unusually well-dressed or very inventive.The way to go from looking like everyone else to looking sharp and stylish is to take those basic wardrobe pieces and swap a few of them out for pieces that are nicer, but aren't necessarily any more formal. When everyone else is wearing jeans and T-shirts or…

With scissors, you can blend and trim certain areas quickly and easily with more precision than a trimmer. More about beard grooming at
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7 Best Beard Scissors and How to Start Using Them - Dec. 2020

Beard scissors trim certain areas more precisely than beard trimmer. Find the best ones and trim your beard like a pro🧔🏻 with these steps.

The gold finish on this Kamisori is quite nice too.

Brazen Gold Custom Kamisori Straight Razor - ShaveSmith

I hand forged this blade from high carbon steel in the spirit of the a straight razor coming from the house Martell from the Game of Thrones. Serpentine

Image of Personalized Handmade Straight Razor Cigar Box Shave Kit
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A hot cup of coffee is a nice way to start your day, but nothing beats the feel of cold steel against the throat to invigorate your morning. The...

Ern “ The Famous Es-Ex” - 13/16

Ern “ The Famous Es-Ex” - 13/16