"Babé Laboratorios" packaging for pediatric range

Design of bottle and graphic for pediatric range. child’s range has been designed in line with the Babé full range of products, using illustrations made specially for this design, and with the double objective of identifyi…

functional and funny coffeee cup carrier. plays off the trend of the mustaches but also has enough room for coffees and cream and stuff. packaging . product design. branding

Cafe food packaging design - A cutout in the shape of a mustache gives the carry bag a funky look. The mustache print in the coffee mug gives the feeling that a person is sporting a big mustache! Innovation at its best.

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Empty bottle expression from the book "Vrije Tijd Blije Tijd", 1971 (dutch edition of "Le Passe Temps"by Noëlle Lavaivre)

Gin - 1. 5th Gin – Water I 2. Ginself I 3. Both’s Old Tom I 4. Small’s Gin I 5. Geranium I 6. The London Gin I 7. Right Gin I 8. Broker’s Gin I 9. Aviation I 10. Tub Gin I 11. 5th Gin – Fire I 12. Death’s Door I 13. Breuckelen

Gin - Gin – Water I Ginself I Both’s Old Tom I Small’s Gin I Geranium I The London Gin I Right Gin I Broker’s Gin I Aviation I Tub Gin I Gin – Fire I Death’s Door I Breuckelen

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Bamboo Charcoal Soap

The bamboo charcoal soap emits a relaxing fragrance of organic vetiver and myrtle oils. The oils, along with the charcoal particles, also help to clear the complexion. I love the packaging.


Kiwi Talisman Packaging - Boxes are often designed with shelf appeal in mind, and occasionally fail to serve the items within, but Kiwi talisman packaging is an example of h.

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A Bigger Harvest Packaging - You’re probably wondering why these fruits have been dressed up like vegetables. Well, A Bigger Harvest packaging combines two Chinese tradit.