Graphic Cat Eyes

ERDEM – Andrew Gallimore used MAC’s Blacktrack Fluidline liquid liner to paint tiny triangles onto the corners of the eyes at Erdem. Subtle, but effective. Photo By MAC Cosmetics

ooooh this hair

Nanuk Shibuya (nanuk shibuya) Hairy hairy two-block short with black hair "edge feeling" ◇ ◇

Graphics on Behance

The combination of straight line and curve.Organic form, the comparison with the person.The idea from a plane. An invisible line.A pop experiment such as "child play.

HALL OF FAME!! by Munenari Maegawa, via Behance (Mick Jagger reimagined)

This work is a work in pursuit of a hair design while letting you feel Hall of Fame to be.

夏は思い切って!外国人風ベリーショートに初挑戦♡ | ガールズまとめ

夏は思い切って!外国人風ベリーショートに初挑戦♡ | ガールズまとめ

short hair

Are you considering a short bob haircut? The Beauty Thesis shares the benefits of this hairstyle with their readers.