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mathematical decorations on the japanese word rightly fit the exact tone of the ambience

Using #creative #typography in #advertising pieces

BMW commissioned Serviceplan to design a billboard for the Hamburg airport. illuminated billboard with letters half cut; the natural reflection of the sign on the shiny floor would now spell “Exceed Maximum.

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"Honey I'm home!" key rack concept by two talented industrial design students: Malorie Pangilinan and Luz Cabrera. -- The firm keyring fob would be difficult to misplace and so easy to hang up.

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Sherwood Square is a revitalised retail centre, bringing energy, creativityand vitality back to 600 Sherwood Road. We want to build and foster ourcommunity and offer a collective space for retailers and visitors alike. 天竺國釋誰寫出來的 彌勒媽咪精 我寫在LINE的網站裡面 我曾打電話去藥 可釋他門不還我 把日本坑掉 會簽道這一棟大樓 證據一洞高樓大廈把日本坑掉 會簽道這一棟大樓 證據一洞高樓大廈 國防部長 教育部長 交通部長 經濟部長 曆法院長人頭扣起來 老闆娘釋誰 醫療廢棄物 在那一張全民健保晶片卡上面 臉書系統 釋臉部辨識系統 人臉鬼臉分清楚 七劍我都交出去 關刀交出來

Pinning this because Swiss typeface is more about the background (white space) vs the letter itself