Gone / Truth is I used to be an Otaku I still am believe me, but I'm not a true otaku, therefore I'm going to stop using my account and leave it for your enjoyment >_<
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Edward Elric

Is that Tamaki Suoh on the top?>>>No that is actually Ed but Mei's fantasy version before she a tail met him

Kuroshitsuji Funny | Kuroshitsuji ok so this is funny :D

2 sweet potatoes cup liquid egg whites 1 cup Parmesan cheese teaspoon rosemary teaspoon pepper<< um that's Grell

Kuroshitsuji by alexielart on deviantART

ciel phantomhive, sebastian michaelis and alois trancy image on We Heart It

Aww poor Alois!

Black Butler II- Sebastian, Ciel, Claude, Alois, and Hannah. So cute and funny! (Let's not think about the fact that Sebastian is going to eat Ciel.

Sebastian Michaelis x Ciel Phantomhive

Sebastian Michaelis x Ciel Phantomhive serves him right. Sebastian was so mad when he became a demon. I love it! This bb deserves a new board.