1960's Japanese Cigarette advertisement - 3 A's, soft taste and an appearance of freshness (which obviously attracts the birds?!). 20 cigs for 60 Yen! S)

Vintage Japanese magazine ad "three a - more soft and more fresh":わけわからん構図だけどいいね。

Posteritati - FEMALE PRISONER SCORPION: BEAST STABLE 1973 Japanese 10x28

Posters for each of the Female Prisoner Scorpion films, starring Meiko Kaji (梶芽衣子). Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion (女囚701号 さそり), 1972 Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41 (女囚さそり 第41雑居房), 1972 Female...


SPRING IS COMING! グッバイ冬眠。 春休みイベント 春の魔法、春の上野動物園 上野動物園 もっと見る

Nagoya Festival - Washio Tomoyuki (Washington Studio)

Nagoya Festival - Washio Tomoyuki (Washington Studio)