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The Chinese dragon is a creature that was known to assist the gods and escort wandering souls. They were considered wise and most in the community revered them.

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Dragon 雲龍図 Japanese, Edo period Artist Mori Sosen, Japanese, Dimensions Image: x cm x 15 in.) Medium or Technique Hanging scroll; ink on silk Classification Paintings Type Hanging scroll Accession Number Not on view


(Onna Bugeisha) Woman Samurai Warrior: Legendary Tachibana-hime using her sword against a dragon under a bridge

Kunisada & The Dragon

Las leyendas de dragones a lo largo de la historia

Kunisada II Utagawa, The Dragon, c. The print depicts the Buddha riding on the back of a giant sea-dragon. From the series Modern Illustrations of Buddhist Precepts (Hasso-ki Imayo Utsushi-e).

Artist: Kuniyoshi - Title: Nagasaki Kangayu-Saemon Date Of Work: Publisher : Sanoki Nagasaki Kangayu-Saemon riddled with arrows & a dragon

Tora, tatsu 寅龍 (Tiger and dragon) / Kinju zue 禽獸図会 (Birds and Beasts), Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Utagawa Kuniyoshi (Japanese Tiger and Dragon, from Birds and Beasts, University of Iowa Museum of Art.