While it's a bit hi-tech, this is a great representation of how many of the floating isles of Aerylonne are developed.

City of the Future / sci fi city / architecture / digital art / cyberpunk

Cool floating tree, could be a set piece for my #fantasy and #spaceopera setting idea

Mystical Tree -- Floating tree of life (also known as 'yggdrasil')

No idea if the artist intended it, but it's a perfect image of the cities of Netheril falling.

Today we feature the work of Pete Harrison, one of my all time favorite digital artists. Pete's photo manipulation work and talent for lighting effects is seriously impressive. Check out his awesome works today!

Low poly floating island

Low poly floating island, great inspiration for creating level designs

Avatar - Floating Island - Roger Dean

Floating Island in Calebs Haven.

old school graphics

Uzicopter: The Signalnoise

♥ impossible structures New Gallery Video" https://vimeo.com/66473401 Or YouTube Video" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkRuesCs1_M     I would like your insight? Please review and tell me what you think. Mark

These optical illusions require precise geometric measurements to make and they all show a resemblance to some shape or shapes. They are each unique in their individual design.

Collection of amazing futuristic digital artworks by Mai Anh Tran, an artist from France..

Sunset Castle, Mai Anh Tran on ArtStation



1)This image shows a very open and creative world where it seems like anything could happen. Source: http://www.pinterest.com/source/theartofanimation.tumblr.com/ 2) It motivates me to be more creative and think outside the box. 3)With such an expansive world shown with so many possibilities the pilot could chose to go anywhere so this image links me to autonomy. The plot can lead themselves anywhere they want without being controlled by another force.

Age of Ascension splash screen by Alayna Lemmer