I don't have an iPhone, but I like the case design. Unique Design Rose Embossing Case for iPhone

Travel. Travel. Travel

Travel Quotes The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. Augustine of Hippo To travel is to live.

vintage surf art

vintage surf art, is till remember wanting a op t shirt in my home town uk when…

CHAIR_SELFIE peters/Target-Branding We created a brand campaign that actively deconstructs this iconic graphic identity. Instead of a static symbol, it becomes a rhythmic pattern, and a playful player in the choreography of life.


Bauhaus Launches Award for Social Housing

Bauhaus One of the most important art books of the twentieth century. “It may be considered as much a work of the Bauhaus as it is a work about it; even the typography and layout for the volume were designed by a former Bauhaus master.


Vintage Herman Miller Brochure This particular brochure is for the Eames Aluminum Group chairs. They were originally designed as outdoor furniture by Charles and Ray Eames, but these days we are more.


Love this stuff, I remembered your work, Ismael Monticelli! SUBMISSION: Field Trip poster, by Beci Orpin for Jacky Winter Group

cool paper artwork

This is a super cool DIY project! It is a beautiful flower made simply from paper. If you are a DIY nerd like I am this is a project that you should definitely take on and enjoy!

#yearofcolor patrick winfield polaroid 600 composite collage

This Girls Life: DIY Urban Outfitters Wall Art - love the idea of using various photos to create a collage.

Steve Lambert

I dare you to & away& & you can& can you? Nope, me either. Oooh, I love this installation, text-based light work by American artist Steve Lambert. I want all of it& I would have the artsiest, most well-lit home on the block!