office organiser; 3 small cubes for pencil, post it note, ,.. .clipboard with paper and pen provided .silver cup with art pens (maybe)

office organizing


Vincent Van Duysen Ceramic Containers

Vincent Van Duysen Ceramic Containers

I know people have their fancy China for dinners and whatnot -- but is it weird I want wooden dish set for "dinners"when my normal dishes are all super bright fiesta? I love the two together!

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Cute idea for if you have one of those tiny stall bathrooms that have no or hardly any shelf room in them.


Wooden house - and people, the house of human connection | house of Muji

みなさんは食器や食品、調理器具ってどのように収納していますか? キッチンは毎日使う場所だから、モノが出しっぱなしになってしまいがち。フルーツや調味料のボトルなども一定のルールがあればインテリアとしてもかわいく演出できますが、それ以外はやっぱりごちゃごちゃ感が目立ってしまいますね。オープンパントリーや食器棚には、目隠しスクリーンやパーテーションを。さっと閉めればスッキリです。

Tokotoko - it can serve as a side (or bedside) table, as a stool, or it can even be stacked to create a modular shelving unit

This is from Japan. Would be perfect for your bathroom. Too bad they don't have cheap versions of this here somewhere! 歩き出しそうな椅子。 トコトコスツール - まとめのインテリア / デザイン雑貨とインテリアのまとめ。