Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Pioneer of the Arts & Crafts Movement in England

Japanese Graphic Design - Poster designed for a Charles Renee Macintosh exhibit by Shinnoske, Design

CHARLES ROBERT ASHBEE 1863-1942 . Liberty & Co. Charles Robert Ashbee was an English designer and entrepreneur who was a prime mover of the Arts and Crafts movement that took its craft ethic from the works of John Ruskin and its co-operative structure from the socialism of William Morris.

A charming gift from Captain Valerian Rochas to match the fire in Lady Kitty's eyes! Superb Guild of Handicraft Pendant Silver Gold Garnet Pearl Pendant: H: cm in) W: cm in) Chain: L: 67 cm in) British,

"Cup" ----- Good yellow, form: very hard to find.

Gertrude and Otto Natzler, Untitled yellow bowl, date unknown, ceramic; Collection of Carol and Seymour Haber, Photo Dan Kvitka

Blackwell , Windermere. A wonderful Arts and Crafts House

Blackwell is a large house designed in the Arts and Crafts style by Baillie Scott. I've visited several times and it's beautiful. I would recommend it.


The Martyna Skirt in Yellow featuring ruffle pleats in fluted edge, concealed side zip closure, high waist in ankle length. Partial lined.