hideaki hamada 일본/아날로그/꼬마/꼬마들/아이/아이들/길거리/배경

Photographer Hideaki Hamada has been taking photos of his two children, Haru and Mina, since the day they were born. Those photos are the subject of a recent photobook that Hamada has published.

summer holiday 2010 #57

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Hideaki Hamada - Haru & Mina

Japanese photographer Hideaki Hamada chose a subject very close to his heart for his photo project: his own sons, Haru and Mina.

Across The Universe by Hideaki Hamada on 500px

Photo by Hideaki Hamada. The photographer again uses a clean blueish lighting with children. This picture is very balanced out. The lines and figures are placed in a very ordered manner. The colors and organization create a more whole image.