Bedroom in a Loft [1240 × 1548]

Home Interior Design — Bedroom in a Loft [1240 × 1548]

Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. in Portland, OR, by Michelle Madsen. An open space with industrial suspension lighting and several wood details.

Kitchen at MG2 House, Quebec | Alain Carle Architects | est living

A truly organically-inspired design, the House by Alain Carle Architecte in Quebec draws on the natural landscape and rural tradition to inspire.

freedomさんの、オーガスタ,チェスターフィールドソファ,ペンドルトン,シュペリオールレイバー,アメリカンスタイル,ロンハーマンマグ,サーフスタイル,ロンハーマン,白壁,西海岸インテリア,BESSの家,アンティークサイン,CRASH GATE,バスサイン,関家具,ログハウス,アンティーク,照明,リビング,のお部屋写真

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freedomさんの、オーガスタ,チェスターフィールドソファ,ペンドルトン,シュペリオールレイバー,アメリカンスタイル,ロンハーマンマグ,サーフスタイル,ロンハーマン,白壁,西海岸インテリア,BESSの家,アンティークサイン,CRASH GATE,バスサイン,関家具,ログハウス,アンティーク,照明,リビング,のお部屋写真

Mucha Deco y mucho Rock&Roll

Mucha Deco y mucho Rock&Roll

Love this urban and modern living room design. Gorgeous rug, cool print and beautiful plants too! What a gorgeous apartment room.

Exposed bricks and wires, retro lighting fixtures, and metal cabinets - industrial interior design

43 Stylish Industrial Designs For Your Home

Brick walls / industrial chic / home decor / home design / minimalist chic / nyc apartment / black and white and nothing in between / large windows / framed art

Recycle a liquor bottle into a soap dispensor

Cool idea for a man cave! Jack Daniel's Soap Dispenser, for the man- bathroom. Could also be a cool gift idea in favourite booze bottle.

Beat Living Reggio Highback

The Beat Living Viscount William room draws its inspiration from the ‘Beat’ culture of America. Timothy Oulton’s daring collection of handcrafted furniture.

Beat Living Westminster

Westminster Feather sofa by Timothy Oulton - Leather and feather adopt the best of both worlds in this ‘king of comfort’ combination. We’ve taken all the classic charisma of our Chesterfield-inspired Westminster sofa and injected it with pure, unadultera

Get inspired by this vintage industrial style loft and fall in love | #uniqueamps #industrialloft #vintageindustrialstyle

Industrial Style Restaurant with a Greenery-Themed Decor