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Candy trays for living room embellishment or edible decorum --- Colorful & Eye Catching Japanese Candies

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Baked Potato Kit Kat

35 Kit Kat Varieties From Around The World

In other parts of the world, Kit Kat's come in some truly spectacular flavors that need to be brought to the US pronto! Flavors like blood orange and blueberry

The Japanese Botan #rice #candy has edible rice paper wrap > http://ofwitandwill.com/table-top/the-best-exotic-candies-around-the-world/

Top-Selling Candy From Around the World

The Japanese Botan rice candy has edible rice paper wrapper! My mom bought this for us as kids- we loved it!

Meiji Wata Gum Ramune $1.00 http://thingsfromjapan.net/meiji-wata-gum-ramune/ #Japanese gum #Japanese snack #ramune

A delicious and bizarre treat from Japan, this is Wata (Wata means "cotton" in Japanese) Gum, a unique item that could only have come from Japan. It looks like delicious cotton candy, but it's really gum -- put it in your mouth and it turns into bubble gu

Green Tea Milk Marshmallow $1.99 http://thingsfromjapan.net/green-tea-milk-marshmallow/ #green tea marshmallow #Japanese marshmallow #Japanese snack

This is a fun new treat, a set of marshmallows filled with delicious green tea milk filling, for a sensation that's like eating a fluffy cloud when you pop one in your mouth. Each bag contains dozens of these delicious light treats, and once you start eat

Kyoto Candy — Youshoku Bento $5.50 http://thingsfromjapan.net/kyoto-candy-youshoku-bento/ #Kyoto candy #Japanese candy #Japanese snack

An amazing candy gift set that looks like a Japanese bento, but is actually a collection of traditional Japanese candies. For those who love those kompeito, these are decorative hard sugar candies from Kyoto.

New Kirimi-chan Salmon Puccho Candy- available for a limited time!

New Kirimi-chan Salmon Puccho Candy- available for a limited time!