Post-war photo by Tadahiko Hayashi in Nagasaki, Japan. 林忠彦の写した戦後日本の風景写真。長崎、大浦天主堂下、ここは今もたばこ屋さんらしいです。

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Post-war photo of Nagasaki, Japan by Tadahiko Hayashi. This cigarette & souvenir shop standing at the bottom of the hill coming down from Ōura Tenshudō still runs as of today, it seems. *Ōura Tenshudō, or the Ōura Church is a Roman Catholic church built in 1864 promoted by two French missionaries who landed in Nagasaki for the purpose, which is said to be the oldest Catholic church in Japan…

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Kobe Odeon Theatre "Wild Cargo" 1934 写真 : 神戸オデオン映画館

Kobe Odeon Theatre "Wild Cargo" 1934 写真 : 神戸オデオン映画館