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4 Spider Exercises for Guitar That Will Give You Incredible Finger Coordination

Next time you watch Netflix and chill with your significant instrument, run through these drills to improve your chops.

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Why using the G pentatonic scale makes your Acoustic Blues sound sweeter

Instant Access to the 17 page PDF filled with scales 7 tips: Click here to grab 8 High quality backing tracks in various ...

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5 Tricks To Make People Think You Are Amazing At Guitar

Tab to this lesson can be found at I teach guitar, bass, voc...

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4 Lead Guitar 4 Techniques to MASTER

You need to rip a crazy solo... but first, you must practice! Check out these 4 simple lead guitar techniques that will raise your guitar game to master stat...

how to play "Funk #49" on guitar by The James Gang Joe Walsh - rhythm guitar lesson

Please help support my lessons by donating here: more information on this lesson go here: https://www.shutupandpl...

The Band "The Weight" - Last Waltz Guitar lesson

Download my Official Tab, Chord Sheet and GP& at: this lesson, we learn how to play The Weight by The Band, as it was...

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Joe Satriani Lesson - How to Play Rhythm Guitar Like Jimi Hendrix

Joe Satriani teaches Jimi Hendrix-style R&B rhythm guitar playing techniques. For full tabs, go to:

Eric Clapton Layla Electric Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Hey guys! Here's an electric guitar lesson for Layla by Eric Clapton. Check it out! Become a Patron - - http://ww...

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5 Far Out Jimi Hendrix Licks You Can Learn Right Now

Take the Jimi Hendrix guitar course: 5 cool Jimi Hendrix guitar licks from the following songs:All Along The WatchtowerThe Wind Cr...

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Play These 7 Notes All Afternoon for Endless Fun! (JAZZ, SOUL, R&B)

The most common path to afternoon guitar fun is having something interesting to jam through that you can also use to build off. Something interesting that yo...

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Play This Shape for 2 Minutes and See Why it's So Much FUN!

If you can’t make up cool guitar riffs in 2 minutes (or less) no matter how hard you try, then you need to do exactly what is shown in this video and it will...

Blues Lick: Eric Clapton Style (Guitar Lesson BL-554)

In this guitar lesson we're going to check out a great Eric Clapton lick to add to your blues vocabulary! TAB notes, amp settings and help for this lick (and...

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The Hendrix/Frusciante Triad Trick

🔴 MY ONLINE COURSES ⬇️✅ Bulletproof Guitar Player Part 1: Master the Fretboard - ✅ Bulletproof Guitar Player Part 2: Advanced Concep...

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Boogie Woogie Blues Guitar Runs Lesson!

Lesson link: - This 30+ minute lesson teaches 4 "bluesy" boogie woogie runs out of the key o...

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Blues shuffle in A for beginners

Learn a blues shuffle that only uses two fingers. Tab for lesson this ri...