Here's a quick look of some of our favorite Disney Pixar characters and their quotes. What are your favorites?

Quoting Your Favorite Disney-Pixar Icons [Infographic]


Funny pictures about Pretty much how my brain works. Oh, and cool pics about Pretty much how my brain works. Also, Pretty much how my brain works.

~ J. R. R. Tolkien (The Fellowship of the Ring)

Lord of the Rings Art Print, "All We Have to Decide Is What to Do" ~ Tolkien Watercolor Printable Quote, Calligraphy Wall Art Poster

White Ducky Shine II, Geekkeys rainbow keycap set.

Rainbow keycaps

If I remember correctly, the POM keycap set from geekfeng years ago looked just like this, but with a more shiny, translucent finish.

From Humans 03, 2006, by Mike Mills.

"From Humans by Mike Mills." And a lyric from Bauhaus "All We Ever Wanted".

ellie // 18

ebriosity: - journal am // am) “Every second someone new” Today was full of bad parking and procrastination.

1957 GE refrigerator. How awesome!!! Why do we not still make stuff like this???

This whole thing is a fridge/freezer. Fridge in the top cabinets, and freezer in the pull out drawers underneath. The mid-century kitchen: a 1957 GE Refrigerator.