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I like the reverse type on the two tone scree. This is something you could even do on small things just to keep design consistent, like use it on a sidebar on a spread that is kind of plainer.

I like the dividers being lines; also it has a titch of an editorial feel, which is cool—and of course the black and white.and simple font.

Get Son of a Gun DVD and Blu-ray release date, trailer, movie poster and movie stats. JR is a young man in Australia who is terrified when he gets thrown into prison for a minor crime. It's a very harsh world in prison, and he isn't sure that he can.

Album cover design and jazz photography on the Blue Note Records. Notes and pictures from Birka Jazz Archive

Part of Jive Times Records "Project Thirty-Three". "Project Thirty-Three is our shrine to circles and dots, squares and rectangles, and triangles, and the designers that made them come to life.