A Chandelier that Projects Tree Shadows trees shadows lighting , Hilden & Diaz

A Chandelier that Projects Tree Shadows. Simply beautiful and fasinating. This chandelier from Hilden & Diaz projects a shadow of trees and roots onto the walls surrounding it. It is called Forms in Nature.

suspension Y, Sverre Uhunger

Suspension Y par Sverre Uhnger

Collection LAMPS K’ par ACG Design

Collection LAMPS K' par ACG Design

Asterico Lamp, Cuatro Cuatros, LZF, bois et métal

Asterico Lamp par Cuatro Cuatros pour LZF

Cristina Ródenas and Adrián M. Almonacid of Valencian studio Cuatro Cuatros have designed Asterisco, a lamp crossed with a bookstand, for lighting company LZF.

Cassiopée & Andromède par Ludovic Faledam

Cassiopée & Andromède par Ludovic Faledam

Ludovic Faledam young French designer presents Cassiopée and Andromède, two light suspensions based matches.

Mygdal Plantlamp, Studio We Love Eames

Mygdal Plantlamp par Studio We Love Eames

Split Grain, Paul Foeckler

Split Grain par Paul Foeckler

California Cedar Wood Lamp: Some wood and light! The designer based in Los Angeles, Paul Foeckler, made a series of wood lamps and sculptures, California c

DIY Take-Off Light by Fifti-Fifti | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

DIY Take-Off Light by Fifti-Fifti

Take-Off Light Fifti-Fifti A flat pack pendant that allows users to poke shapes through the perforated paper shade to create patterns.

Moulds, Jan Plechac & Henry Wielgus

Moulds par Jan Plecháč & Henry Wielgus pour Lasvit

Martinho Pita, Bichos

Bichos par Martinho Pita

Bichos Lamp Series by Martinho Pita Bichos (a Portuguese word which means “creatures”) is a new series of lamps from Portugese architect Martinho Pita made using discarded Portuguese holly tree.

Scoop par Stephanie Ng

Scoop par Stephanie Ng

I want ice cream meow-Scoop by Stephanie Ng Design- Local Australian Lighting and Product Design

Focal Point Lamp, Designlump

Focal Point Lamp par Designlump

Degré 23, Atelier DR

Degré 23 par Atelier DR