Japanese courtyard

love tatami floors, they smell good. Love the little walkway around the edges of the house. // I love the idea of a little courtyard in the middle of the house

Japanese traditional house

Japanese traditional house Have an open/screened-in room between two sections of a house !

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2 (Interior) This is the interior of a Japanese home because of the Tatami floor and the use of the wood throughout the space.

Architect Akira Watanabe; reed translucent screen as a filter

To separate the first-floor receiving room—which has a central sunken hearth—from the entrance hall, the architect placed a reed screen on one side and a shoji screen on another

縁側、日本、家/engawa, Japan, house

Shooji seen from the outside. The woodwork is on the inside. 縁側、日本、家/engawa, Japan, house

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