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WAfrica-Ankara Japanese kimonos by Cameroonian designer Serge Mouangue The name WAfrica is a combination of the word for Japanese spirit, “wa,” and Africa.


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Wafrica" is a kimono fashion collection designed by Serge Mouangue, an interior designer and industrial designer/artist, born in Cameroon

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"The contrasting landscapes of Japan and Africa may seem, literally, worlds apart. But they have been artfully united in a collaboration between an African designer and a traditional Japanese kimono-maker. Launched last month, Wafrica — Africa plus wa for Japan — has unveiled a range of kimono handcrafted in an array of African cotton fabrics that would seem to be a million miles from the subtle silks more commonly associated with traditional Japanese dress. Project: Serge Mouangue."

Wafrica project, by Serge Mouangue-photos by Yuji Zendou “Wafrica search for…

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