lately, i found this group by accidents when watching youtube and discovered a title jpop vs kpop... i thought that they were idol group like the others, but they dont. i love their songs, their dances, their expression while dancing and until i found that there are about 20 members which divided by 3 sub unit; dream (4 members), flower (7 members), & happiness (7 members), and trainees, each group have their vocalist. my fav group is Flower... oh i love their songs, MV... it was beauutifuuulllll
76 ピン75 フォロワー
Happiness / Holiday

http://happiness-ldh.jp/ 2015/10/14リリース Happiness 8thシングル「Holiday」 Happiness 約1年ぶりのシングルはフロア仕様のダンス・チューン! 踊らずにはいられないビートに掛け合いのヴォーカル、New Soundでブチかます! ポップでキュートでパワ...

Karen Fujii & Shuuka Fujii #FujiiSister

Karen Fujii & Shuuka Fujii #FujiiSister

Happiness / Sexy Young Beautiful

http://happiness-ldh.jp/ 2016/2/3リリース Happiness 9thシングル「Sexy Young Beautiful」 ジャパニーズ・ガール・クラッシュを巻き起こすHappiness! 重低音のHip Hopビートを軽やかに乗りこなし、 歌とRapとダンスが三位一体となった H...