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暇人\(^o^)/速報 : 【画像】北海道で撮った「天の川」が凄すぎる件 - ライブドアブログ

The Milky Way, Hokkaido, Japan, on Tanabata/Star Festival(July The bright star in the center of the upper part is Vega. The star on the lower left is Altair across the Milky Way.

Taehyung you're way too funny.

I seriously think V just does not know how to control his face. Not that it's a bad thing. The fanbase gets a good laugh but what's he gonna look like when he pulls these faces at XD (Favorite Meme God)


//is there any possibility youll quit gossiping about me. to hide your insecurities//

Check Out BTS in ‘Fire’ Music Video for the ‘Young Forever’ Special Album | Koogle TV

Bangtan Boys (BTS) reveals the ideal types. Since ideal types are revealed on press, Bangtan Boys blow fan’s mind again. At first, JungKook likes


Luhan, Lay and Tao

EXO-M. Seeing this makes me really sad...knowing 吴亦凡 and鹿晗 and be in any future group pics :'(

EXO-M lolz kris being thug and having a little chain on his tux:P