Japanese Geisha

This picture is marked 'maiko, Kyoto Japan' but this lady's nagajuban is completely white, which would usually mark her as a Geisha rather than an apprentice Maiko.

John Paul Foster - A Photographer of Geisha, Maiko, and Kyoto | Geisha & Maiko I | 13

John Paul Foster - Photographer of Geisha, Maiko, and Kyoto

舞妓 maiko あや葉 ayaha 先斗町 KYOTO JAPAN

December mochibana (colored rice balls on willow) and maneki (autograph plates which kabuki actors sign) kanzashi. Worn by maiko Ayaha. Photo by Gaap.

Ąų Ƥaƴʂ ɗų Ꮥoɭҽ¡ɭ Lҽvaɲʈ

Japanese hair accessory for kimono, Kanzashi 簪 (Maiko Katsuna of Kamishichiken hanamachi)

ERIKAE ovvero " cambio del colletto" è la cerimonia che sancisce il cambio di status da Maiko in Geisha.

Not only are geisha not prostitutes, they are also not allowed to be in a relationship for as long as they choose to be a geisha. If they wed, they must retire from the profession.

つまみ細工 華かんざし2点セット(紫)

つまみ細工 華かんざし2点セット(紫)

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