Nascita di una Nuova Amicizia ^_^

Everyone LOVES photos of dolphins, everyone LOVES photos of cats doing funny things… Well check this out! An Irrawady dolphin from the Mekong river being given a kiss by a cat! What do you think the dolphin & the cat were thinking?


Power & Control Black cats are awesome and not evil in any way. Black cats need love. Leave the superstition behind and open your heart to them so many die every day.


"He lives in the half lights in secret places, free and alone--this little-great being whom his mistress calls, 'My Cat.

Gatto Randagio con un Messaggio d'aiuto

hogy nem csak a kutyákon hanem a macskákon is segítsünk



gatti a cerchio

20 Cats eating dinner, thank god for crazy cat ladies, we should be rewarded by the government

Christmas Cats ^_^

Looking for some funny Christmas cards and funny Christmas photo cards ideas? You are at the right place. Here we provide you some witty and hilarious funny Christmas cards for this holiday season.