Japanese paper fan, Sensu 扇子

Japanese paper fan (Diego Pellecchia, Noh Workshop, HUB, - Photo by Stéphane Barbery)

Japanese paper fan, 1896

A Japanese fan created in 1896 for a British stage production of the Mikado. The fan has a bamboo handle, sticks and red silk tassel and is printed with images of foliage and birds - Courtesy of The Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

Japanese paper fan, Uchiwa 団扇

Japanese paper fan, Uchiwa 団扇 Kamon: Mokkoh in blue, and Mitsu-domoe in red. These kamons are both the sacred symbol of Yasaka Shrine, Gion, Kyoto.

Japanese fan

Uchiwa, a traditional Japanese fan, AIBA kyoto (l would love to do this as a work of art for the wall, incorporating crocheting crocheted leaves and stems with fine thread).

Morning Glories design uchiwa (fan)

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Antique Japanese Hand Screen Fan 19th Century.

Antique Japanese Hand Screen Fan by DecojumeauAntiques,