Re-creating photos Haikyuu siblings

hinata would look like a completely new person if he was tall

hinata would look like a completely new person if he was tall<<< yo but his jump would be insanely high tho

bbune3- i dont even know XD

Hinata and Kageyama - Haikyuu!

RTBvMis6q6I.jpg 687×971 ピクセル

The leash tho 😂

Oooo Kags brought yandere-Hinata back


Hinata and aone


Kageyama fails at being encouraging (I think)


Haikyuu‼︎kyakuta(Multicolored) // did this dumb boy just put dish soap in his dinner I cannot

Tsukishima x Hinata | 95 фотографий

Tsukishima x Hinata // haikyuu

「烏野3年生~」/「asa」の漫画 [pixiv]

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【画像9】[ハイキュー!!]これくらいしかありません... - LINE Q

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collected by Lisa Chan and make your own Anime album.

"..Con tym bé bé xinh xinh.."

Personality swap Asahi and Tendou

It was just the intro.the movie havent even started yet lol

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Sugawara Koshi and Kageyama Tobio

tsukishima hinata | Tumblr

Tsukishima Kei x Hinata Shouyou (TsukiHina)